Payment rates and how we pay the COVID-19 Income Relief Payment

Find out how much you can get with the COVID-19 Income Relief Payment, and how this is paid to you.

What you can get

The Income Relief Payment is paid for up to 12 weeks while you don't have a job.

If you're eligible for the payment, you can get:

  • $490 per week if you were previously working 30 hours or more a week
  • $250 per week if you were previously working 15 hours to 29 hours a week.

You don't need to pay tax on this payment.

The Income Relief Payment will stop after you've had 12 weeks of payments, or if your situation changes and you no longer qualify.

While you’re getting the Income Relief Payment, you may also be able to get help with some of your living costs or urgent costs. It depends on your situation and income.

  • In a relationship

    If you have a partner:

    • both partners can apply and qualify for the Income Relief Payment
    • for most couples, payments will be split evenly between both partners.

    If you have a partner and you're getting NZ Super or Student Allowance, payments will go to the person who qualifies for the Income Relief Payment.

  • Students

    Student Loan

    You may get Student Loan for living costs as well as the full-time or part-time rate of Income Relief Payment, depending on the hours you worked.

    Student Allowance

    You may be able to get Student Allowance as well as the Income Relief Payment - but only at the part-time rate of $250 per week.

    However, if you lost a full-time job (30 hours or more a week), you may choose to switch to the Income Relief Payment instead of your Student Allowance.

  • NZ Super and Veteran's Pension

    Over 65 and your partner is not included:

    You can get the Income Relief Payment s well as our NZ Super or Veteran' Pension.

    Couple with a non-qualified partner included:

    To get the Income Relief Payment, you'll need to tell us you no longer want to include your partner in your NZ Super or Veteran's Pension. You can call us talk about your options.

    Please note: From 9 November 2020, there are proposed changes for NZ Super and Veteran' Pension that will close the option to include a non-qualifying partner in NZ Super or Veteran's Pension. You can apply to include your non-qualifying partner back into your NZ Super or Veteran's Pension payment as long as you do so by 8 November. This will end your Income Relief Payment.