Getting a job while on the COVID-19 Income Relief Payment

If you get a job, your Income Relief Payment will stop. If your job ends, you may be able to go back on it again.

If you get a job

You can't get Income Relief Payment if you're working, even if it's just part-time or temporary.

You need to tell us so we can stop your payments for the weeks you're working.

You can use MyMSD to tell us, or you can call us.

You may be able to get a benefit

While you're working, you may be able to get a benefit or other financial assistance. It depends on your situation and income.

Use our online eligibility guide to quickly check what you might get. It will tell you what payments you could get and how to apply for these.

If you get a benefit, you can earn a certain amount each week before it reduces your payments. You can check how much will be deducted.

If your job ends - going back to Income Relief Payment

If your job ends or it's temporary, call us. You may be able to go back to the Income Relief Payment again if:

  • you have some of your 12 weeks' of Income Relief Payment remaining
  • you didn't choose to leave the job and you weren't dismissed, eg. for misconduct
  • your partner’s wages and salary is less than $2,000 a week before tax
  • you’re not getting income protection insurance payments or Paid Parental Leave from Inland Revenue
  • you're not getting a redundancy payment of $30,000 or more before tax
  • you haven’t applied for the Small Business Cashflow Loan.
  • Income Relief Payment is still available (it'll stop on 5 February).