Large employer applications for COVID-19 Leave Support Scheme

If you're a large employer (eg 100 employees) applying for the COVID-19 Leave Support Scheme, you can enter your details into a spreadsheet and send this to us.


Please make sure you provide the correct details so we can process your application quickly.

  • Information you need to enter in the spreadsheet

    The information you'll need to enter in the CSV spreadsheet file is your:

    • business IRD number (this could include your partnership IRD number or company IRD number)
    • IR customer name (this is the name that's linked to your business IRD number)
    • New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) if you have one
    • business address
    • contact name, email address and mobile number
    • bank account number
    • your employee details (include full-time and part-time employees in the same application):
      • name
      • date of birth (enter as dd/mm/yyyy)
      • IRD number
      • employment type (enter 'part-time' if they're working less than 20 hours, or 'full-time' if they're working 20 hours or more).

    Employee details example


    First name Last name Date of Birth IRD number Employment type
    Joe Doe 31/01/2000 123456789 part time
    Jane Doe 31/01/2000 123456790 full time
  • Download and send us the spreadsheet

    You need to:

    1. Download the CSV file below

    • Don't create your own file - use the CSV file provided

    2. Enter all the details we need (see the 'Information you'll need to enter in the CSV file' heading)

    • Make sure you complete all the fields
    • Don't change the format or layout of the file
    • Check the IRD numbers you enter are correct (for yourself and your employees)
    • Check your bank account number is correct

    3. Save the file (keep it as a CSV file) and rename it with your business name

    4. Read the COVID-19 Leave Support Scheme declaration

    5. Copy and paste the following text into an email to confirm you agree to the declaration: I confirm that I have read and understood the declaration.

    6. Attach the CSV file to your email

    7. Send it to us at