After you send us your form

Check what happens after you send us your online form about getting support while you’re self-isolating with COVID-19.

This information is for forms about getting extra support while you’re self-isolating.

After you submit your form, you may be contacted if we:

  • have any questions
  • need more details.

When we contact you

Even if we don’t have questions, you'll be contacted within 2 days.

How we contact you

If you asked for help with an urgent cost, we'll email, text or call you.

If you asked for support from community organisations, including iwi and Pacific organisations, they may contact you instead.

Payment for urgent or unexpected costs

If you get a payment for urgent or unexpected costs, you can get the money paid to your Work and Income payment card.

Friends or family members can use your payment card and sign on your behalf when they buy your grocery items, in store.

If you don't have a payment card, we may pay:

  • money into your bank account
  • direct to the business, for example your power company or pharmacy.

Needing more support

You can ask for support again if you need to.

See how to get extra help while self-isolating