Applying for a job

Some employers ask you to complete an application form as well as submitting your CV as part of the job recruitment process.

Application forms

Employers often use application forms to help choose people for a job. The employer can tell quite a lot about you from the way you fill out the form and what you say. If you fill out a form, usually you still also need a covering letter and CV.


  • Read everything first. Make sure you read all the questions before you start.
  • While it’s best to answer all the questions, if there are ones you prefer to answer at the interview, say this. This could be done for questions about wages, health or why you left a job.
  • Answer questions accurately and honestly. Make sure your answers match what you say in your CV.
  • If it’s a paper application form, make a rough copy first (take a photocopy, use blank paper, or use a pencil). Always print neatly or check the accuracy of your typing.
  • If there’s not enough room on the form to put all your skills, don’t cram it up. Instead, attach a sheet of paper with your answers on it.
  • Be professional. For example if you’re posting it rather than emailing or applying online, use a large envelope so you don’t have to fold your documents. Make a copy of everything you send.