What you can get to help you stay in work

You might still be able to get help from us when you start working after your benefit stops.

Who can get help

We look at this on a case by case basis including:

  • whether you've received any help before
  • how long you've been on a benefit
  • your income and assets and those of your partner.

You won't be able to get extra financial help if you are:

  • getting NZ Super or a Veteran's Pension
  • getting Supported Living Payment and doing a work trial.

Returning to work if sick or injured

If you are getting Supported Living Payment you might be able to try out going back to work - doing fewer hours - without losing your benefit. We call this the Sustainable Employment Trial where you can work 15 or more hours a week for half a year (26 weeks) to see if you are fit to take up some work again.

  • What's available

    Some of the things we may be able to help with:

    • Money for rent or food
      you may find you're short of money to pay the rent or buy food after your benefit stops and before you get your first pay.
    • Care for kids in the holidays
      if it's the school holidays and you don't have enough leave owing or the money to pay for childcare.
    • Money to fix the car
      if you need your car for work and it's due for a warrant or needs to be fixed and you haven't been paid yet.
    • Care for someone you look after
      you've started your job but don't have enough money to pay for the ongoing care or transport to care for a disabled, sick or elderly person you look after.
    • Help to pay down debt
      you've had lots of new expenses starting a new job and you already have and can't keep up with the repayments for the debt you have.
    • Debt holiday
      if you have debt with us and are struggling to get by when you start working, we'll give you more time to pay the debt back.
    • No sick leave
      you've started a new job and don't have sick leave yet but you need to take time off.
  • How to apply

    Call us when you get your job. We'll let you know what you might get and if you need to come in and see us.