'Find a Job' website

Search for jobs we've listed for employers we work with, on our 'Find a job' website. Call us when you find one you like, we'll help you apply and talk to the employer for you.

Before you start

Register with us

You don’t have to be on a benefit, but you do need a client number to register with us and use this service.

To register with us, you need a client number. This is a 9 digit number we issue you the first time you deal with us, eg, 000-000-000.

If you don't have a client number, you can request one from us.

If you have a work visa

If you have a work visa, check out the seasonal jobs on the 'Work the seasons' website first. It covers a range of different industries so you can find the one that best suits you.

How to use 'Find a job'

  1. Enter a job title.
  2. Select the region you want to work in.
  3. Select 'Search'.

If you find a job you like, call us and tell us the 'Job ID'.

Detailed instructions

  • How to search

    Find a job - Entry Screen
    1. Enter the job title you're looking for.
    2. Use the drop down arrow to select the region you want to work in.
    3. Select the areas in that region you want to work in (you can select as many as you want). If you don't select any areas, the whole region will be searched.
    4. Select the 'Search' button.

    Note: If the job title you are looking for is not there, check the spelling of the job title and consider whether it might come under another name. If it is still not there, we don't have any vacancies with that job title at the moment.

  • Search results

    For example

    You searched the job title 'reception' in the Auckland region and Auckland Central area.

    Find a job results

    There are 4 columns in the search results:

    Job Title

    This displays job titles that contain 'reception' (what you entered in the search criteria).

    Date added

    This shows you how long the vacancy has been listed here.

    Job category

    This displays the types of vacancies this job falls under.

    Urban area

    This shows you what region and area the job is located (based on what you selected in the search criteria).

  • If you find a job you want

    • Call our Job Search Line: 0800 779 009
    • Tell us the Job ID (found on the job details screen).
    Find a job ID

    We will:

    • check the job is still available
    • tell you more about the job
    • refer you to one of our Work Brokers to talk about the job.

    If the job's suitable, the Work Broker will help you with your job application. That may include sending your Curriculum Vitae (CV) to the employer or attending a job interview.