When you get the job - advice and tips

Get some tips and advice about starting a job and find out what help you may be able to get.


Contact us straight away to let us know you've found work.

Before you start

There are quite a few things to think about when you start a new job. You'll need to find out:

  • what day and time you start, and the hours of work
  • where to go and who to ask for on the first day
  • what you need to take (like tax and bank account numbers)
  • how and when wages are paid.

Your employer has some legal requirements they need to meet. This includes minimum terms and conditions around your income, sick and holiday pay.

Starting your job

  • Help with costs

    Costs of starting work

    We'll talk to you about whether you can get help with the costs of starting work, such as clothing or tools.

    Help with other expenses

    We may also be able to help you with things like:

    There are certain criteria you'll need to meet, depending on what you need help with. Talk to us about your situation and we'll let you know what you qualify for.

  • On-going support and advice

    If you've come off your benefit to start work, we can offer ongoing support and advice to help you manage any challenges that come up.

    We can help with things like:

    • making sure you get all the payments you qualify for
    • regular check-ins
    • advice on talking to your employer
    • advice on how to manage a disability or health condition
    • information about other services you could get.
  • Tips when you start your new job

    • Be honest and dependable - be on time, get your work finished, be prepared to do more than you're asked to do and help others if you can.
    • Be polite and friendly - introduce yourself, shake hands and remember names.
    • Learn quickly - ask if you don't know and take notes if you need to.
    • Learn the rules - find out the health and safety rules, and the unwritten rules about how things are done in your workplace, and make sure you follow them.
    • Keep home and work separate until you know what the boundaries are at work.
    • Don't talk about work issues in public - this includes social media.
  • When you're settling in

    The first few weeks and months in a job can be tough and challenging. It usually gets easier, so hang in there. We're here to help you stay in work, so call us if you've got concerns and want to talk.

    Those first few weeks are an important time when others will form an impression of you.