Motivational training

Motivational training programmes are designed for you to develop ways of working successfully with others, challenge yourself and boost your confidence as you go about finding work.

How these programmes can help

You’ll learn how to:

  • build on your strengths
  • develop ways of working successfully with others
  • build confidence
  • improve your chances of finding a job


Limited Service Volunteer

This is a 6-week hands-on training/motivational course run by the New Zealand Defence Force in Burnham and Hobsonville Military Camps. It’s great for fitness, motivation and confidence.

To join Limited Service Volunteers you must be unemployed and enrolled with us and be between 18 and 25 years.

Other courses

We do offer other courses such as:

  • Skills for Industry - these courses are designed to give you the relevant skills you need for a specific industry, e.g. Construction, Aged Care, Civil Construction.
  • Moving Forward - you'll learn life skills, personal development and self management to better prepare you to look for work.
  • Training for Work - a 13 week course designed to improve your skills, get any licences you may need, create a detailed CV and to get you into a sustainable job with ongoing support.

Generally, anyone who’s unemployed and enrolled with us can go on a motivational training programme. There are some conditions and the courses you can do depend on what area you live in. If you're interested in finding out what's available in your area, please call us.