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13 February 2024

Guaranteed Childcare Assistance Payment

Map has been updated to clearly state that GCAP is a non-taxable payment.

The information in the following pages has been refreshed and updated, with the relevant links to core policy added. See:

As the information in the following pages is included in core policy these have been removed and the relevant pages linked to core policy.

Housing Support Products historical rates last updated 1 April 2022

The historical rates for Housing Support Products were replaced on 1 April 2023. The previous rates last updated on 1 April 2022 are now available under historical rates. See:

For the current rates see:


7 February 2024

Initial stand-down periods

The current initial stand-down periods have been updated with changes to the Gross Average Ordinary Time Weekly Wage (AOTWW) as at 7 February 2024. See:


5 February 2024


Flexi-wage policy settings have been reviewed and as a result, several changes are being made to improve the product and support better outcomes for our clients.

Changes include:

  • changing the maximum payable for bands 1 and 2
  • allowing for variable weekly payments for bands 1 and 2
  • increasing the amount available for short-term employment-related training
  • applying the 52-week maximum to the employer instead of the employee

These changes apply from 5 February 2024.



The following welfare programme has been updated, effective from 5 February 2024: