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21 December 2018

Live Organ Donors

Live Organ Donor financial assistance is now provided through the Ministry of Health. The Live Organ Donor manual has been removed from Map.

Clients may keep getting benefit assistance while they are recovering from donating a kidney or liver tissue.

What to do when a client is donating a kidney or liver tissue has been included in the relevant assistance. See:


12 December 2018

Letting fees assistance

On 12 December 2018 the Ministry stopped providing assistance for letting fees. It is unlawful for a client to be asked for letting fees. However, if a client had signed an agreement and agreed to pay a letting fee before 12 December 2018 payment can be considered. See:

Public Protection Orders, Imprisonment and psychiatric hospitals

Clients with a Public Protection Order may be able to get an Emergency Benefit, New Zealand Superannuation or Veteran's Pension if they qualify. Clients who are held under a Public Protection Order may also be able get a Winter Energy Payment. See:

Clients who have been sentenced to imprisonment but detained in or transferred to a pyschiatric hospital may get an Emergency Benefit and a Winter Energy Payment if they qualify. See: