Our services and standards

This is a guide about how we'll work with you and the services we offer.

We're here to help people get the financial assistance they're entitled to. We also work hard to prevent benefit fraud and to recover debts - so that we can support the people who need it most.

How we'll work with you

Our commitment to you is a guide about how we'll work with you. You can read it in 12 different languages, including NZSL, and Easy Read.

The services we offer

Helping people into work

  • Workshops and practical advice for getting work.
  • Training, seminars or work experience to build up confidence and skills.
  • Grants and subsidies to encourage employers to provide work.
  • Income support to help people get into, and stay in work.
  • Practical support for people with the right experience to start a business.

Supporting employers

One of the ways we help people find work is to support employers who provide work for our clients. If you're an employer our services include:

  • your own Work Broker to help you find the right people
  • training and seminars to help our clients get up to speed quickly
  • wage subsidies to help with the costs of providing work.

Providing income support

  • Benefits for people unable to support themselves.
  • Allowances for people on low-to-middle incomes.
  • Superannuation for people who are aged 65 years or more.
  • Pensions for ex-service people.

We can grant you financial assistance from the date you first contact us, if you complete your application within 20 working days of that date.

There is also a Community Services Card to help with medical costs - and other payments to help out if you have an immediate need for an essential item or service.


If you'd like to know more about how we can help please contact us