Change of contact details

You need to tell us right away if your contact details change, eg phone number or email address. You can do this online, using MyMSD.

You can update us on changes to your:

  • home and work phone number
  • mobile phone number
  • email address
  • fax number

You can also select which number you'd prefer us to contact you on.

Most contact details can be updated right away.

How to tell us

If you can't use MyMSD you can call us

Getting Youth Payment or Young Parent Payment

If you get Youth Payment or Young Parent Payment, you also need to contact your Youth Service provider directly to tell them about your change in circumstances.

When we'll contact you

We may contact you for a number of reasons, eg:

  • when we need more information
  • when something's changed and we need to let you know
  • to talk to you about work or training opportunities.

If we call you, our number will show as 0800 559 009. If you don't answer, we'll try again a bit later. You need to pick up when you can, or call us back.

If we can't get hold of you, it may affect your payments.