Moving from Childcare Subsidy to OSCAR

Once your child starts school, your Childcare Subsidy payments will stop. If your child now needs before, after-school or holiday care, we may be able to help pay for these costs with an OSCAR Subsidy.

What is OSCAR Subsidy

Out of School Care and Recreation (OSCAR) Subsidy is a payment which helps families with the costs of before and after school care, and school holiday programmes.

We can pay up to 20 hours a week for before and after school care, and up to 50 hours a week for school holiday programmes.

To get your OSCAR Subsidy from the day your child starts the programme, you need to submit your application to us before your child's first day. This is especially important at school holidays.

  • Who can get it

    You may get an OSCAR Subsidy if you:

    • are the main carer of a dependent child
    • don't have a partner who can provide childcare
    • are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.

    It also depends on how much you and your partner earn.

    The child or young person must be:

    • at school
    • under 14 (or under 18 if you get a Child Disability Allowance for them)
    • attending an approved OSCAR programme for at least 3 hours a week.

    The child should also normally live in New Zealand.

    This information is a guide only. Contact us to talk about your individual circumstances.

  • How much you can get

    You can find the current rates of OSCAR Subsidy in Map.

  • How to apply

    You need to complete a change in circumstances form for each child. You can complete the form online and print it.

    1. View or download Childcare Assistance - Change of circumstances form.
    2. Get your childcare provider to sign the form.
    3. If you or your partner are studying, your education provider will also need to sign it.
    4. Send us the signed form with supporting documents (the Change of Circumstances form will tell you what you'll need to provide). Call us to talk about how to get this information to us.

    If you can't print the form, call us and we'll send one to you.


Contact us for more information.