Stop childcare payments

You need to let us know if you're no longer eligible for childcare. Get in touch straight away so we can stop the payments.

Reasons for stopping payments

Your childcare payments need to stop:

  • the day after your job or course ends if your children are at school
  • if your income is above the income limit
  • after 12 weeks if you stop work temporarily because you have a health condition or are injured
  • when your child reaches the age limit for the subsidy - 5 for pre-school (or 6 if you're getting a Child Disability Allowance) or 14 for school (or 18 if you're getting a Child Disability Allowance)
  • when your child leaves the provider or programme
  • if your child leaves your care
  • if your child attends childcare for fewer than 3 hours a week
  • if you leave NZ permanently.

How to stop your payments

You can stop your childcare payments online, using MyMSD. You need to log in and select the 'Something has changed' option.