Property managers, owners and landlords

Advice for property owners and landlords about tenancies, and information about making homes accessible and healthy.

Find a tenant

If you're looking for a tenant to rent your property, we can work with you to find one who's a good fit.

General advice for landlords

The most comprehensive advice and information for landlords is available on the Tenancy Services website, where there are helpful hints about tenancy, and a bi-monthly newsletter.

Both tenants and landlords have rights and responsibilities when signing up a tenancy. A quick guide to these is provided on the Tenancy Services website.

Making your property accessible

The demand for properties suitable for people with limited mobility is huge. It is a major reason that people seek public housing.

If you're making changes to your property, it makes sense to improve accessibility at the same time. The Barrier Free New Zealand Trust has advice and support for architects and building owners.

Maintaining a healthy property

Cold, damp or overcrowded living conditions are unhealthy and are another major reason people seek public housing. As a landlord, you're responsible for making sure the property is clean, tidy and secure at the beginning of the tenancy. You're also responsible for maintaining the property.