MyMSD is our online service where you can apply and manage your information online.

When you use MyMSD we'll cover your data.

You can use MyMSD on your smartphone, tablet or computer. It's for anyone receiving payments from Work and Income, Senior Services or Youth Service.

Log in to MyMSD

Set up a MyMSD

It's easy to set up a MyMSD - all you need to get started is your client number.

Reset your MyMSD PIN

If you've forgotten your MyMSD PIN, you can easily reset it.

Uploading documents to MyMSD

When you apply for assistance using MyMSD, or while you are on the phone with us, you can upload the documents we need to your MyMSD account.

You can only upload documents using MyMSD when you're either:

  • applying for assistance, or
  • on the phone to us and we open this function in MyMSD for you.

Using MyMSD on a new device

If you use a new device to access your MyMSD we'll send you a code to your registered mobile or email address. This will allow you to confirm that it's you that's trying to enter your MyMSD account.

You'll also be given the option of saving this device, so that in the future you won't need to enter a code when you log in.


You can unregister a device at any time, just select the option when you log out.

Save MyMSD on your homescreen

You might find it easier to access MyMSD from the home screen of your phone or other device, instead of typing the web address into an internet browser all the time.

Easy Read

You can read about MyMSD in the Easy Read book.

Easy Read uses pictures and short sentences to make it easier for people with learning disabilities or English as a second language.