Skills for Industry

If candidates need industry specific skills for a job, we may be able to offer funding and support to help with short-term pre-employment or in-work training.

Training can be delivered by you to meet your requirements. We work with you to develop the best approach.

The programmes are designed to:

  • be short
  • be cost effective
  • address skill and labour shortages
  • provide assistance with in-work support.
  • Who can get it

    If you're recruiting a number of candidates through us and you're interested in Skills for Industry, we'll talk with you about how we can help. When looking at whether you can get it, we'll consider:

    • the nature of the job and your business
    • what industry your business is in
    • how long you employ the candidate for
    • what training the candidate needs to do the job
    • how much the training will cost
    • where the job's located.
  • What you can get

    If you don't have a training programme established, we'll help you find a provider, or develop a programme of your own. It can include:

    • entry level training:
      • health and safety
      • business or industry induction
      • basic skills training, including licences
    • on-the-job training
    • industry qualifications once in employment
    • in-work support.

    We'll discuss funding options with you.

  • How to apply

    If your business is a small-to-medium business:

    We'll talk with you about what you need and determine the best way to help, be it simply listing vacancies or developing a local Skills for Industry programme.

    If you belong to an industry association or are part of a large national business:

    Our account managers will discuss your needs and work out the best way to help.