Information for trespassed clients

If you have been served a notice that you've been trespassed from one or more Ministry of Social Development offices, you are unable to deal personally with the Ministry of Social Development staff in those offices while it is in effect. You may like to use an agent and/or an advocate to help you continue to work with us.


You can have both an agent and an advocate. For example you may have an agent who fills in forms for you, and an advocate who sees you get all the assistance you're entitled to.

  • Appointing an agent

    An agent is someone who can act on your behalf. For example, to apply for financial assistance, update your details or receive your mail. You're responsible for choosing your agent and deciding what they can or can't do. Your agent can be a person or an organisation. Whoever you choose as your agent must agree to act on your behalf.

    If you want to appoint an agent to act on your behalf, you and your agent will be asked to fill out an Appointment of Agent application form, available on Work and Income's website or by calling the contact centre and having one sent to you.

    The appointment of agent process gives you confidence around the privacy and security of your personal information and allows you to decide what your agent can and can't do on your behalf.

    You can change or stop your arrangement with your agent at any time by contacting the Ministry of Social Development (Work and Income, Senior Services or StudyLink). You should also let your agent know that you no longer want them to act for you.

  • Using an advocate

    An advocate is someone independent of the Ministry of Social Development who knows and understands the benefit system, your rights and obligations.

    An advocate can work with us to see that you get all the assistance you're entitled to. They can help explain your situation in meetings with us.

  • Finding an advocate

    Contact a Citizens Advice Bureau or Community Law Centre near you for contact details of advocates in your area.