Service Express

Information about what Service Express is, how to use it what you can use it for.

What Service Express is

Service Express is a way for you to call us and do some things over the phone, without having to speak to a person.

It operates with Natural Language Speech Recognition. This means the system understands what you're saying. So you don't need to use the keypad on your phone to select options.

Why use it

  • It's easy, fast and convenient.
  • You don't have to wait in the queue when you call.
  • It's open longer than our Contact Centre.


Service Express is open:

Monday to Thursday: 7am - 10pm
Friday: 7am - 8pm
Saturday: 8am - 8pm

How to use Service Express

To use Service Express:

  • call 0800 33 30 30
  • say or key in your client number
  • answer the security questions
  • speak normally and say what you want to do.

If you get stuck, Service Express can transfer you to one of our contact centre staff.

  • What you can use it for

    You can use Service Express to:

    • check your payments
      • when you'll get your next payment and how much it is
      • when you got your last payment and how much it was
    • tell us your wages
      • tell us your weekly wages (before tax) and weekly hours
      • your benefit will be updated
    • check your appointment:
      • time
      • day
      • date
    • check your debts
      • how much you owe
      • how much you need to pay back.

    Tell us your wages

    There are some times when you may not be able to use Service Express to tell us your wages. Call us on 0800 559 009and we'll let you know whether you can use it to do this.