Accepting a public housing offer

If a housing provider makes you an offer for a property and it suits your needs, you can accept this by signing the tenancy agreement.

The housing provider will contact you and invite you to view the property. If you're happy with it, you'll sign a tenancy agreement with the housing provider. They'll then become your landlord.

The tenancy agreement sets out:

  • your rights and responsibilities
  • the landlord’s rights and responsibilities.

If you don't accept the offer

If an offer for a property comes up, you can choose not to accept it if you have a good reason, eg, there are stairs which you find hard to climb because you've had a knee replacement.

If you don't accept the offer and don’t have a good reason, we'll check that you still qualify for public housing. This means you must still have a serious and immediate housing need. If you don't, you may be taken off the social housing register.

If you reapply for public housing within 13 weeks, we'll look at your decision to decline the offer when checking if you meet the criteria.