Find the right tenant for your property

If you're looking for a tenant to rent your property, we can work with you to find one who's a good fit.

How we find a tenant

Our housing brokers have selected tenants ready and waiting to move right now.

They'll get to know you and what you need.

They'll select people who are:

  • capable
  • committed
  • motivated to stay long-term, and
  • want to care for a home.

You can then do the checks and have the final say on the right tenant.

To start the process, contact a housing broker today.

Benefits of getting a tenant through us

We offer a number of benefits if you get a tenant through us.

  • Tenants have guaranteed bond and rent in advance payments.
  • Tenants can ask us to pay their rent directly to you.
  • We offer extra Tenancy Costs Cover for peace of mind during the first 12 months.