Access keys

This site is also designed to be easily used by those who prefer to use a keyboard instead of a mouse.

For web page

Access keys allow keyboard users to move directly to a link on the page. Press Alt + access key, then hit Enter to access the areas of the site shown in the following table. (This function is not supported in all browsers.)

Key Destination
0 View the access keys for this site (this page)
1 Home
2 Site map
3 Search
4 About this site
9 Contact page
. Return to the top of the current page
/ Go to the New Zealand Government website portal

For video playback

Keyboard shortcut Action
Space Pause/Play video playback
Enter Pause/Play video playback
M Mute/Unmute video volume
Up and down arrows Increase and decrease volume by 10%
Right and left arrows Seek forward and backward by 5 seconds
0-9 Fast seek to x% of the video
F Enter or exit full screen
Note: To exit fullscreen in Flash press the Esc key