Payment Card balance and transactions

You can check your Payment Card balance and look at your transaction history in MyMSD.

  • Check the balance on your card

    You can quickly check any balances on your card, with expiry dates, if applicable, through MyMSD.

    If you want to discuss an extension on a balance or a change of designated supplier (hardship grants) contact us

    If you get a refund but your card has expired, the refund won't show in MyMSD. It will be credited against any debts you have with us. If you still need money to get the item you returned, talk to us.

    Once your balance has expired, keep your card as you can use it in the future.

  • Viewing your transactions

    You can view your transactions in MyMSD.

    You can view all transactions on all cards you've been issued over the past 12 months.

    If have any questions regarding a transaction contact us, say ‘Payment Card’ when asked why you're calling.