Online application process

The full online application process when you apply for a benefit, payment or NZ Super through MyMSD.

MyMSD is our online service where you can apply and manage your information online.


You have 20 working days from the date you first contact us to complete the application process.

If you have a partner, they may need to complete some of these steps as well. They'll be able to do this in their own MyMSD.

Application process

  • 1. Apply online through MyMSD

    Complete and submit the online form through MyMSD.

    You'll need to register for MyMSD first if you haven't already done this.

    If you're already registered, you can log in as you normally would.

    The online form can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete. But, as long as you've started it, you can save it and come back to it later.

    It'll automatically work out what you might be able to get based on your answers.

  • 2. Read and agree to obligations

    Your obligations are things you need to do when you get a benefit or payment from us. If you don't do them, your payments could reduce or stop.

    You need to confirm that you've read and understood your obligations in MyMSD.

    If you don't understand your obligations, or want to talk to us about them, we can discuss these when we call you.

  • 3. Upload your documents

    You'll be given a list of documents that we need to see. These will be for yourself and your partner (if you have one).

    You can upload these documents in MyMSD as part of your application. MyMSD will tell you how to do this and what types of documents you can upload.

    You can upload these types of files:

    • JPEG and PNG files less than 5MB
    • Word and Excel files less than 500KB
    • PDF files less than 5MB.

    If there are any documents you can't upload in MyMSD, we'll talk to you about how you can get these to us when we call you (in step 5).

  • 4. Get a medical certificate (only if required)

    MyMSD will tell you if you need to get a medical certificate and how to send it to us.

    Some health practitioners send us medical certificates electronically. You need to make sure they include your client number on the certificate when they send it to us.

  • 5. We'll contact you

    We'll contact you within 5 working days to:

    • go over your application to check you get all the benefits and payments you're entitled to
    • discuss your obligations, if you want to talk about them
    • help you upload your documents, if you haven't done this.
  • 6. We'll process your application

    We'll process your application and let you know by phone or letter when this is done.

    If you disagree with our decision, you can ask for a review of decision.

  • 7. Your payments will start

    Most weekly benefits have a stand-down. This is a period of time where you can't get any money from us. It's usually 1 or 2 weeks after your application is approved.

    Your payments will start from the date after your stand-down finishes. If you've been working recently, your payments may take longer to start.

    Once your payments start, you won't get any money in the first week. This is because we pay you for the week that's just been. This is called arrears.

    MyMSD will tell you when your payments will start.

  • 8. Manage your information online

    Once you're getting paid, you can log in to MyMSD to access some of your personal information and complete certain transactions yourself, eg telling us about your income.