Using social media to job search

More companies are using social media to find job candidates and advertise jobs.

How to use social media


Social media can either help or hurt your job search.

  • Put a message on whatever social media you use (eg Facebook or Twitter) that you're looking for work - it's amazing how far this may reach.
  • From time to time you can post what you're achieving with your job search (refer back to your goals and activities) - it will show how motivated you are.
  • Many employers will search any online profile you have to help them decide whether you'd be a good employee. Make sure your online profile won't put them off. Check that it doesn't have swear words on it or show aspects of your social life that an employer might think would affect you at work.
  • Make sure that your online activity doesn't include negative comments about previous employers as that may indicate a bad attitude to work. Perhaps check your privacy settings to make sure your accounts can only be seen by people you want to see them.
  • Consider having a profile on LinkedIn as more and more jobs are being advertised through it. It's more useful for some types of work than others. For example, those looking for office work.
  • When you get a job, make sure you don't negatively comment on the employer, or talk about work issues that aren't appropriate for discussion outside of the workplace.

Be professional

Make sure your phone message and email address are appropriate and won't put employers off, or give them a wrong impression of you.