Where to look for jobs

Most jobs in NZ are advertised online. Many companies and government agencies recruit using online websites.

When you're looking at advertised jobs, take the time to consider jobs you might not have thought of. Read more than just the title, and keep an open mind, so you don't miss anything suitable.

If you're interested, apply for it even if you think you don't have all the skills (most people won't). Often the skills the employer asks for are their wishlist and they know they're unlikely to get someone with everything.

Search our job websites

'Find a job' website

Search for jobs we've listed for employers we work with, on our 'Find a job' website. Call us when you find one you like, we'll help you apply and talk to the employers for you.

You don't have to be on a benefit, but you do need to be registered with us before we can refer you to a job listed on this website. To register with us, you need a client number. This is a 9 digit number we issue you the first time you deal with us, eg, 000-000-000.

If you don't have a client number, you can request one from us.

Online recruitment tool

Search for jobs that employers have listed and connect with them directly to apply. You can also build your skills with online training courses.

'Opportunity grows here' website

Check out the seasonal jobs on the 'Opportunity grows here' website.

There are jobs in a range of industries so you can find the one that best suits you.

Search other job websites

Here are a few of the main recruitment websites in New Zealand.

Trade Me Jobs

Search for jobs by location, category, type and/or keyword.


Search for jobs, get daily job emails and post your CV online.


This site lists over 100 job vacancy websites and recruitment agencies. They are also an excellent source for career and job information and have tools and templates you can use.


Find jobs, search and compare salaries and look at company reviews.

Also try:

Company websites

Many companies now show vacancies on their own websites. It may be worthwhile for you to search the websites of local companies or preferred employers, especially for IT companies.

Promote yourself

Many recruitment consultants don't list all their jobs on their websites. When a vacancy arises, they first check their internal database for candidates who have already been interviewed. So, register with agencies any time.

There are many employment databases that you can upload your details to. These services allow you to promote yourself to an employer in your own words. It also allows employers to browse your profile and contact you directly if they are interested in you.

Some government agencies also give you the opportunity to upload your CV into their system, so you could be considered for vacancies before they are even advertised. Check out the websites of organisations you'd like to work for to see if you can do this.