Farmers affected by adverse events

If you're a farmer and have been affected by an adverse event (eg, flood or drought) which is classed as medium or large-scale by the Minister for Primary Industries, you may be able to get a Rural Assistance Payment.


  • You don't have to be on a benefit to qualify for a Rural Assistance Payment.
  • You don't have to pay the money back.

Who can get it

You may be able to get a Rural Assistance Payment if:

  • your farm is your main source of income, eg:
    • meat
    • wool
    • dairy products
    • arable farming
    • aquaculture
    • sharemilking
    • an orchard
    • bee-keeping
    • herb or flower growing
    • a market garden
    • poultry farming
  • you're finding it difficult to meet essential living expenses through your farming business
  • you have no other significant income and assets connected to your farming business.

You can only get this help when the Minister announces that an area and/or type of industry needs assistance. This is usually after that area or industry has been affected by:

  • a natural disaster, eg flood
  • a climatic event, eg drought
  • a biosecurity incursion, eg a pest, or disease which has come into New Zealand.